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projects ¬

Minicomp/Wax: Minimal IIIF Exhibitions with Jekyll   🌄🔍⚡️  #dev
p2p: Democracy, Deregulation, and Discontents   👥   #teaching
Embarrassment.Party: International Artists Residency Program  ☁️💻🎨  #curatorial

labs ¬

HistoryLab: History as Data Science   📚📈
xpMethod: Columbia's Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities   💬📝🎉
irlHumanities: Immersive Reality Lab for the Humanities   😎🎮👾

sites ¬

OurBelovedKin: Remapping a New History of King Philip's War  📍🌳🚣
SudanPhoto: University of Khartoum Sudan Historical Photography Archive  🇸🇩📷
Bunraku: The Barbara Curtis Adachi Bunraku Collection  🎎
StyleRevolution: Journal des Dames et des Modes  📰👒👗

posts ¬

2018 ¬

Push Compiled Sites to GitHub Branches from Travis
#travis   #github   #deploy   #wax

NYCDH Week Workshop: Publishing Sites with GitHub Pages
#jekyll   #workshop   #github   #digital-humanities

Create and store static IIIF annotations... Minicomp style
#jekyll   #iiif   #rake

2017 ¬

Create a Gov't Document Pipeline from Scraping through Full Text Extraction
#cia   #beautifulsoup   #python   #tesseract   #ocr

Peak Laziness:
Automate documentation for database updates with Python, Pandas and Markdown

#markdown   #data-science   #python   #pandas

Continuous Integration!
Or: Jekyll gets some robot nannies.

#jekyll   #continuous-integration   #travis   #gemnasium   #html-proofer

Continuous Integration II:
Headless Tests for Jekyll with RSpec, Capybara, and Poltergeist

#continuous-integration   #travis   #jekyll   #rspec   #capybara   #poltergeist   #rack   #lunr

The Summer of Japanese Puppets, Part 1
#sql   #jekyll   #php

Auto-generate D3.js JSON from a Jekyll collection
#jekyll   #d3js   #json   #liquid

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current+recent reads ¬

hollow land: israel's architecture of occupation (eyal weizman), critique of black reason (achille mbembe), necropolitics (achille mbembe), the militarization of peace (reza negarestani), all of a twist (reza negarestani), babylon (victor pelevin), nuclear distaster in the urals (zhores a. medvedev), soviet science (zhores a. medvedev), in the shadows of the american century: the rise and decline of u.s. global power (alfred w. mccoy), the age of extremes: the short twentieth century, 1914–1991 (eric hobswam), the curfew (jesse ball), how to start a fire and why (jesse ball), sleep, death's brother (jesse ball), roadside picnic (boris + arkady strugatsky), a collapse of horses (brian evenson), the arab apocalypse (etel adnan), the passion according to g.h. (clarice lispector), bloodcurdling tales of horror and the macabre (h.p. lovecraft), october (china miéville), omon ra (victor pelevin), in the dust of this planet (eugene thacker), the librarian (mikhail elizarov), the intuitionist (colson whitehead), cosmic pessimism (eugene thacker), death's end (cixin liu), 3 moments of an explosion (china miéville), conspiracy against the human race (thomas ligotti), stress and freedom (peter sloterdijk), flatland: a romance of many dimensions (edwin abott), fantomas versus the multinational vampires: an attainable utopia (julio cortázar), nietzsche apostle (peter sloterdijk), embassytown (china miéville), blood & guts in high school (kathy acker), crash (j.g. ballard), on ambivalence (kenneth weisbrode), from hell (alan moore), one human minute (stanisław lem), the city & the city (china miéville), the dark forest (cixin liu), this census taker (china miéville), three body problem (cixin liu), cybernetic hypothesis (tiqqun), this is not a program (tiqqun), introduction to civil war (tiqqun), to live and think like pigs (gilles châtelet), hard to be a god (boris + arkady strugatsky), cylonopedia: complicity with anonymous materials (reza negarestani), extrastatecraft: the power of infrastructure space (keller easterling), discourse networks, 1800/1900 (friedrich kittler)