Viewpoint — Create, Style, & Embed IIIF Views from URI Params

Bodleian Library Curzon b.11(104)

Bodleian Library Curzon b.11(104) “Second thoughts are best.” Retrieved from Bodleian Libraries (creativecommons 3.0)

Viewpoint is a small svelte application that allows users to add one or more IIIF manifests from URL endpoints to a IIIF viewer and make style selections (e.g., show thumbnails left or bottom, hide thumbnails, use dark mode, etc.) in a graphical interface.

The app is entirely static and it does not request or store data server-side. It consumes and passes off state information via URI query parameters and allows users to to embed the results where they need them, e.g., a course site, multimedia essay, or digital catalog.

The GitHub repo is a boilerplate; clicking the “Use this template” button will allow you to host your own on GitHub pages or another simple server.

Future versions will support multiple IIIF viewers; currently only flavors of Mirador are supported.

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