towards an 'omekyll': or, what can't jekyll do?

Objective 1:
Create a set of proof-of-concept Jekyll sites that showcase the extent of what the static site generator can do (i.e. without complex server scripts or databases!) and push those limits.

Objective 2:
Apply lessons from the these sites in prototyping an Omeka-like, modular, minimal computing multitool using Jekyll for digital exhibitions, journals, and blogs, complete with a menu of components ranging from lazy-loading carousels to IIIF manuscript manifests, dynamic client-side search to data visualizations.

v0.1 / codename: paper gods

what it is: digital (image) collection demo site

achievements unlocked: IIIF single images, IIIF manifest, tile generation from local images, client-side search, discrete jekyll collections

tools: jekyll-iiif plugin, iiif_s3,lunrjs, mirador, openseadragon

sage advice from: peter binkley, katy decorah, ray hightower

Fu zai yan qian
Chinese Paper Gods @ Columbia University DLC

Min fu shi wang
Chinese Paper Gods @ Columbia University DLC

v0.2 / codename: butler ‘75

what it is: digital (image) collection demo site

achievements unlocked: single IIIF images from remote links (CUL DLC), auto-generation of Jekyll collection pages from data file, masonry gallery, data visualization powered by Jekyll data

tools: pagemaster, d3js, masonry

repo: /historical-photos

blog post: autogenerate-json-for-d3

v0.3 / codename: bunraku

what it is: (soon-to-be) production-ready digital collection site of images, albums, and relational cultural data

achievements unlocked: deeply relational collections, client-side advanced category search, client-side multi-language search, lazy-load image carousel, advanced data visualizations

tools: pagemaster, ipython, pandas, jq, owl carousel, d3js, lunrjs, lunr-languages

repos: /bunraku-ipy

blog series: the summer of puppets

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